About us

Anne Frank: Now and Then

This is the website of an Erasmus+ Project, involving partners from The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Portugal. The project is called: Effect of the life of Anne Frank on social inclusion today. Here, on this website, we will disseminate all information regarding the activities planned for the project, from 2018 until 2020.

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What we do

Students' Mobilities

Between the years 2018 and 2020, the four countries involved in the project will prepare students' mobilities in each country. It is a unique opportunity for students to get to know the way of living of others, to get involved in special activities concerning the theme of the project and to grow in knowledge.

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How to build a «Bullying free» environment at schools and help teachers and students. A proposal of a poster with our DOS and DON'TS.

Here we present several activities undertaken by the teachers of Zespol Szkol nr3 in Kielce under the frame of Erasmus+ project "Eects of Anne Frank Diary on Social Inclusion Today". The process started from the concept of the School of Good Relationships and was focusing on finding the ways how to prevent peer violence in our school. The final...

This is a proposal resulting from ou E+ project. It can help other teachers/educators and students from any level.