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Students' Mobilities

Between the years 2018 and 2020, the four countries involved in the project will prepare students' mobilities in each country. It is a unique opportunity for students to get to know the way of living of others, to get involved in special activities concerning the theme of the project and to grow in knowledge. 

The Netherlands

The Lentiz Dalton MAVO is the coordinating school of the project. It is located in the city of Naaldwijk, in the province of South Holland and near the city of The Hague, in the heart of the Westland.

Naaldwijk is characterized by being a city of greenhouse horticulture. The largest flower auction site in the world, operated by FloraHolland, can be found in the nearby village of Honselersdijk. The village of "Naaldwijk" has a population of around 15,440 people.

The Lentiz Dalton MAVO & Het Groene Lyceum  

The Lentiz Dalton MAVO & Het Groene Lyceum is located in Naaldwijk in the Westland area. It is very close to the sea. The lyceum has about 850 students and it is a Dalton school. As Helen Parkhurst once said: "Dalton is no method, no system, it is a way of life!"

It is not a traditional school and students can work on their own pace and level. This method started last year, so the students on the 1st and 2nd years work according to this method. The students on their 3rd year get the opportunity to go abroad on an exchange. 

Institut Notre-Dame, Arlon

The school is situated in the city centre. There are almost 2000 students in our secondary school. There is also a primary school next to ours.

In our school, there are more than 35 different nationalities, so it is very cosmopolitan. We speak French but we can learn Dutch and German (the two other official languages of our country), English and Spanish.


Arlon is one of the oldest towns of Belgium. It is an old Roman town situated in the south of Belgium, not far from Luxemburg. It is also the chief-town of the province were the partners of the project live in. There are two important churches: St Martin and St Donat. There is also a synagogue, the oldest of Belgium !


The city of Santo Tirso is located on the outskirts of Porto, the capital city of the North of the country and one of the best travel destinations of Europe. As a matter of fact, Porto was considered the best european travel destination in 2014 and 2017. It is a very cosmopolitan and beautiful city, built on the shores of Douro river, where one can be delighted with a magnificent and romantic landscape. 

Santo Tirso

Santo Tirso is a small city in a rural area, with lots of green landscapes, monasteries and great food.

The Escola Básica de Agrela e Vale do Leça is one of the eight schools of the Agrupamento de Escolas D. Dinis, which has about 2000 students from kindergarten to high school (from 3 to 18 years old). It is a modern school that cares for the wellbeing of its students and that is actively engaged in providing them with a wide variety of activities to motivate self commitment and learning.  


You are invited to visit Kielce. It is the city located in the heart of the oldest European mountains - Świętokrzyskie Mountains called also as the Holy Cross Mountains. It is the capital of Świętokrzyskie Province and the main city in Kielce Metropolitan Area.


Within the boundaries of Kielce there are as many as 5 natural reserves, where there are plenty of geological peculiarities. It is a real treasure trove of knowledge and secrets for paleontology and archeology lovers. It is here where the fossilized footprints of dinosaurus and reptiles, and especially the last sensational discovery of tetrapod, can be found and are an amazing sight of the exceptional natural features of the region. The city is also an important centre for fairs and exhibitions. Kielce Trade Fairs, which organize nearly 80 specialized events annualy, that combines both conferences and displays and creates perfect opportunities to initiate business contacts.  

Erasmus+ Project KA229 | 2018 - 2020
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