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How to build a «Bullying free» environment at schools and help teachers and students. A proposal of a poster with our DOS and DON'TS.

The present ANTI - BULLYING PACK constitutes one of the intellectual results produced under the frame of Erasmus + project nr 2018-1 NL01-KA229-039055 entitled " Effects of the life of Anne Frank on social inclusion today" and ran by schools in the Netherlands - Lentiz | Dalton MAVO & Het Groene Lyceum Naaldwijk / Portugal - Agrupamento de Escolas...

This is a proposal resulting from ou E+ project. It can help other teachers/educators and students from any level.

Here we present several activities undertaken by the teachers of Zespol Szkol nr3 in Kielce under the frame of Erasmus+ project "Eects of Anne Frank Diary on Social Inclusion Today". The process started from the concept of the School of Good Relationships and was focusing on finding the ways how to prevent peer violence in our school. The final...

First, we can see that most of the youngsters aged 13/14 feel concerned about discrimination and bullying. But they don't always know how to react because they feel bad in such circumstances.

On March 30, the Anne Frank House / Museum in Amsterdam launched the Anne Frank Video Diary. Currently we live in a strange world! Not long ago, we were confined to our homes, under the weight of an invisible threat, a disease that knows no boundaries, beliefs, social status, ages ..., COVID-19.

Erasmus+ Project KA229 | 2018 - 2020
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